Last Updated : 11-12-2000


About James

Name :

James Robert Henry Good

Currently based at :

Miami Beach, FL, USA.

Age :


It all started for me on the 9th of August, 1972. That's when I jumped out into the world. I had the best two parents in the world, and a little room in a house called 'Rose Cottage' in Grove Road in Horley. A little bit later, out popped my brother Rich, and our family was complete. I seem to remember that summers were much hotter and longer and possibly slightly yellow at the edges back in the early seventies, although the latter effect could be caused by the non-digital technologies availble back then.

I grew up amongst Norton motorbikes, model aeroplanes, sunday mornings at Redhill aerodrome and corgi cars. Dad worked for the Prudential, and Mum had full-time job looking after two boys. When I was about 5 we moved across town to The Meadway, into a big house called 'Lynwood'. I met my best friend Paul on the road we lived on, and we went to school together. Dad started getting new company cars every year and we went on big holidays to places like Spain and Austria. Saturday evenings were filled with family viewings of CHiPs, Knightrider and the A-Team, and a deep obsession with America started within me. Then Dad got a job for Rank Zerox, and the cars and holidays got bigger. That's when we got to go to California, sometime in 1982. Yes, the big chrome laden lorries were real! Rich and me even got to sit on real CHiP's police bikes!

Anyway, we came back and Dad got me into computers by buying a little known (in England) computer called the TI-99 4/a. I got hooked on it from a mixture of the things it could do, and things I had seen other computers do that seemed both wonderful and impossible on our little TI. Rich was bigger into BMX bikes and watching Barry Shene racing bikes around Silverstone.

The real bug bit me when I got a Sinclair Spectrum 48K for Christmas. 1985, I think. I had moved to a new school, far away in Dorking, and my new friend Simon bribed me to come over to his house and see his Spectrum. All these amazing universes in this little black, rubber-keyed wonder! Knightlore, Underwurlde, Elite and The Hobbit. I wasn't particularly good at it, but after a fashion I wrote a few small games myself and got fairly good at hacking away into the code of other peoples games. Hooked! And (for up till now, anyway) the course was laid out for what I wanted to do when I grew up. I really honed my skills thanks to my friend Doug on the C=64, where I also discovered the delights of modems, disk drives, Demos, and online services (compunet).

After the C=64's heyday gave way to the C=Amiga, the world of 16-bit computing was opened up to me. Real power became mine to play around with, and thanks to the Amiga's wonderful O/S, I was able to learn how to program more modern systems (not just poking at hardware!). 32 bit, fully pre-emptive multi-tasking operating systems, thousands of colours on hi-res graphical screens and stereo sound when the PC's of the days were still having problems with 4 colours and simple single tasking O/S's! I wrote a pretty nifty little email program called 'NesQWK' (which earned me my first money from computers!), and most of (sorry Doug) a game called Jetman. The Amiga was cool. And it was that computer that tought me what I needed to get my first job.

The pay may have been rubbish, but I had an excellent teacher/mentor in Paul Fletcher, and DSL gave me the freedom to learn all that I could learn for the best start in my career I could imagine. I moved on after 4 or so years and eventually ended up at AirData which later got me transferred to Houston, Texas to live out my life in that sunny world of CHiPs and Knightrider!

These days, I still spend way too many hours tinkering with computers. Although now, more people appreciate my talents, thanks to the work the Internet has done in making computers useful to everyone and their dogs. I also spend alot of time taking pictures with my digital camera.