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monkey Sunday, April 4 2004, 07:41 am
Hey, I used to use NesQWK on my Amiga, nicer to use than Spot. It ruled.
burpmitosis Monday, March 22 2004, 09:27 pm
Lovely website. I love your dog!

Giege Wednesday, January 21 2004, 03:22 pm
Spoke to Hank today, he and Mike are starting to record their next album. Cool stuff or what!
Giege Wednesday, January 21 2004, 03:21 pm
Where are the bloody Bug pictures! The garage is incomplete. Oh by the way, Sonia and I got engaged on Christmas Day, whoohooo
Ferg Saturday, January 10 2004, 04:45 am
I thınk ıts a pants Turkısh PC Im usıng. I can't get ınto many sıtes for some reason. I'm off to another