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James Good

Mobile: +44 7584 681850

Outstanding software engineer / system architect / business analyst with 22 years of experience working for both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills allow effective relationships with end-users, technical staff and business personnel. Good knowledge of business practices & accounting systems as well as deep understanding of many different systems technologies. Self motivated, proven highly capable.

Professional Experience

World Fuel Services, Corp.
Lead Regional Analyst - London, UK - 2010 - Present

  • Lead regional analyst for the second largest office in the corporation
  • Interface between all business units located in this office, and IT
  • Daily reporting to IT VP's and CIO on all IT related production issues
  • Assignment to improve systems in use by the Land segment. Designed and built a fully working prototype of a sales and lift management tool (PHP, MySQL, jQuery) for this segment, used as the requirement when re-developed by head-office (all development work carried out by head-office)
  • Business analyst on multiple UK projects
  • Developed SQL for critical UK reports running on the Oracle database

World Fuel Services, Corp.
Senior Business Analyst - Miami, FL 2006 - 2010

  • Architect / project managed / business analyst for a JRuby/Rails/OracleDB project which secured a $2M contract with a major European air force. Application used in production by internal users and external clients until re-platformed in Oracle ADF (I was also the BA / project manager on this)
  • Legal e-Billing. Project managed through to successful go-live, including implementation of a commercial legal e-billing package, and custom development of a SOA gateway to Oracle AP. Worked closely with outsourced development team. Still in production (2012)
  • Fax gateway. Design and project management for a fax gateway which allows all company systems easy ability to send fax messages. Successful project, in use as of 2012

World Fuel Services, Corp.
Manager, Aviation Front Office Development - Miami, FL 2002 - 2006

  • Key member of Oracle 11i integration team, business analyst on aviation tax system
  • Development manager for all C++ applications. Inherited this area when previous programmer left unexpectedly, trial by fire! Much C++, PL/SQL and SQL coding. As the company grew, I hired additional developers and managed this small team, coordinated and managed all builds and releases of the mission critical 24/7 point of sale & billing front-ends
  • Helped introduce version control to the company, coached other developers on it's use (CVS)
  • Designed and developed a Borland Delphi based web application used by internal users and hundreds of external clients. Application viewed as a large success by president of the division, developed on a small budget, and in active production for 10 years. Featured unique multi-node load-balancing (hosted in multiple cities) developed from scratch by myself, and connectivity with many internal legacy and external systems.
  • Designed and developed a Java J2EE / Struts web application for external clients, including graphical design work. Application in use for 5+ years

Baseops International, Inc.
Director of AirData Development, US - Houston, TX 1997 - 2002

  • Developed website allowing clients to track their aircraft, pull real-time weather reports, view invoices online (ISAPI, 3 tier architecture system). Development of a weather data reception system as an NT service in Delphi (using UDP/multicast socket programming). Development and maintenance of computerised flight planning package, including the FAA pre-filing system, FAA Notam processor and other FAA specific parts of the system. Installation and support of AirData system on client sites. Administration & development of in- house networks (Novell 3.11 SFT3, Windows NT4.0) and various systems including email systems, satellite reception equipment, phone system, communications lines. Development of web site, including online fuel price database (using Oracle SQL & PL/SQL also some MS SQL Server), allowing users to view current fuel prices around the world and our fuel staff to maintain our markups. Development of email gateway (Borland Delphi, Windows NT service) between Lane Passport and MS Exchange, and development of an email Client to allow Win 95 workstations to access the old Passport system. Development of a forwarding server under Real/32 which distributes all weather information to US AirData sites using dialup modems. Development of graphical chart printing system using Delphi

AirData, Ltd.
Software Engineer - Gatwick, UK 1995 - 1997

  • Development and maintenance of a computerised flight planning package. Most development work carried out in Borland Pascal, with small amounts of 80x86 assembly and C. Gained experience with UNIX shell scripts and administration. Administered and enhanced in-house Novell network. Software installation and problem solving on customer sites, in the UK, France, Germany and the US

Laser Byte, Ltd.
Analyst / Programmer | Shipley Bridge, UK | 1994-1995

  • Part of a small (3 man) team, providing complete systems in membership and rental areas. This involved gaining much first hand experience of how users ‘interface’ with the end product. Development of membership / rental systems using Clarion, a high-level 4GL language. Some hardware maintenance work also involved, along with system training. Design and implementation of an SMTP e-mail gateway

DSL Computers & Communications, Ltd.
Analyst / Programmer | Edenbridge, UK | 1990-1994

  • Development of new software products and maintenance and enhancements to existing software, in both teamwork and solo environments. Most software work is carried out using object oriented languages – predominantly Borland Pascal, with small amounts of 80x86 assembly and Borland C++. Also some work in xBase and Paradox Application Language. High level, front-line customer liaising, dealing with clients throughout a job. Software problem investigation and solving on customer sites. Customers I regularly visit include Robert Flemming & Co., Credit Suisse First Boston, B.A.I.I., Morgan Grenfel, A.N.Z. Bank and Lehman Brothers. Some software and hardware installation and configuration work. Preparation and hosting of product training courses dealing with both in-house developed software and major third party database system for major clients

The Ashcombe School, Dorking

Obtained 8 GCSE’s & 1 AS Level

Crawley College of Technology

BTEC national diploma in computer engineering. Passed with distinction

Skills & Strengths


Strong interpersonal skills facilitate understanding of end-user requirements.
Clear, concise writing style used in documentation.
Skilled and efficient at creating a solution design from business requirements.
Comfortable at communicating with personnel across all levels within a corporation.

Computer Languages

MS Visual C++ w/MFC, PHP, Java, Ruby, Oracle PL/SQL, Borland Delphi & Object Pascal, Perl, assembly languages (80x86, 680x0, Z80, 6502), VB, REXX, xBase, Clarion

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML/XSLT, PHP, Rails, ASP, JSP, AJAX


Apache Struts, J2EE, Palm OS SDK, MFC


Oracle 9i + PL/SQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server

Operating Systems

Windows (v2 - v7), Linux, Mac OS, DOS, Solaris, SCO UNIX

I am obtaining my private pilots license, and build and fly aerial camera vehicles. Have also written and marketed software for the Commodore Amiga & written software for the Palm platform. I have developed and run bulletin board systems and many successful websites related to my various hobbies, including a popular model aircraft site, and a very early social networking / photo sharing site.
Available on request