Texas wild flowers Myke & Giege
Backtones at Woody's Place Hank
Lisa, Kevin and Me Me and Cyn
Bug thing Carl on Lake Houston
Carl's picture of me... Another of Carl's
Rob on the lake Boaters
Carl walking on water
Carl in the mirror Carl again...
Horley, I mean, Houston Twenty past four... On the pad.
Calm before... Wow
Unnnggh Shuttle again
And again... Aftermath
Everythings back to normal Titusville
Me being silly More dead hardware
Want one of these, eh Gav? The Peever/Good mobile for the great shuttle road-trip
Meanwhile, in another time zone... Buckwheat!!!
Stanley again ...and again
Moi Zydeco
How I looked... ...what I was seeing!
Leigh and Stephanie! Riverwalk
Stephanie, Leigh and I I had hoped this didn't happen...
On Mikes boat in the bay Motley bunch