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January 2000 - Miami
Glades Deep in the 'Glades
'Likely Lads' More of the 'Glades
Er, more of the 'Glades And here we have - The Everglades
Wasps again Awww... baby gator
Kelly, lounging A 'coon
Inquisitive little fella Another Hollywood resident
Ade and mate Almost a great picture
Chinese dinner Adrians Column
Leigh on stage Pedro & Patty's new place
Inspiration I present you Dr. Adrian Peever!
Leigh on the boardwalk Leighs dream
Leaving Miami Clouds out of Miami
Indi Indi has found a target
Indi drunk again Indi pushing me along
Mare in autumn colours... Is this your place Mike?


January 2000 - England, Christmas, Mare & Kristi's Birthday, Eclipse
Houston New York
Rainy Reigate Simon & TC
Dad And Mary Christmassy Andi
Kids and Lasers Andy
Laser Lemon Nick with beer inside him
Antics Antics with a trolley
Terrible yahoos Grown up men. Sigh.
I don't know these people. Mum, Dad and Auntie Pam
Rich, Andi & Uncle Keith Cess, Sarah & Daren
The Fam Bros
The Fam again Excellent pic by Rich
747 shadow over Gatwick Far east end of London
Scottish Loch Back to Houston

Turtle found outside the office!

Turtle again!
Indi in them boots Kristi, Albert and Syd
Kristi & Syd Indi with Kristi's new puppy
Mare and Indi Kristi and new pup
Indi Mike
The Eclipse


November 1999 - Dick Dale, Houston pics

Nice sunset

Should I unlock the door? :)
Hazy Houston morning Rainbow from my fishtank
What you find in the bushes these days Trying to find my creditcard!
From Dick Dale's stage The man
And again... End of the night...
Jennifer at the style show Young Scott
Me on stage Between sessions!
Scott on stage Scott & Jennifer
Memorial park ../images/991122/houston2.jpg
../images/991122/houston3.jpg ../images/991122/houston4.jpg


October 1999 - Moving back to Houston

Ade & Leigh

Hollywood Beach
Ready to go Kissimee Breakfast
Truck and Log cabin Me & Dad in New Orleans
Leaving New Orleans Past New Orleans
Lake Charles Lunch @ Lake Charles
Lunch @ Lake Charles 2 Dad and Indi
Mum and Dad in Houston


October 1999 - Steve back, Wings Over Houston


C130 airdrop
B-17 B-17 again
B-24 F-14
F-16 F-117
F-16 again Stupid thing
The fastest truck? What is this?
Small thing Me and Indi
Seafire Lights
Thunderbolt Tiger
Steve and Terry Panorama from Brazos trip
Train Trucks More Train Trucks
Southern Pacific The Galaxy I wanted to buy
Impala lights


October 1999 - Houston/Brazos/Mary Janes

The Bartop @ MaryJanes

Pool table @ MJ's
Flag & Film ... With Flash
Me and Mare Bills Bike
My rental truck On the way to Brazos Bend
Brazos scene 1 Brazos scene 2
Leaf From the observation tower
Gator! Toitles
The Observatory Flutterby
Take off Diiiiime bar
Arrrrma dillo Spider! Beware. Extreme nasty.
Houston downtown Me and Mare again...


September 1999 - Back to Miami
Adrian Ade and Leigh
Mare Me, Mare & Ade
Mare and one of the larry's The Gang
Gang 2 2239
Piggy back time! Back to sneakers again
Ahhhh The Gates Of Hell


August 1999 - Water and air...
Mike and Michele Passing sailing boat
In dock 1 In dock 2
Big Thing Two big things - the ship & the storm
Take-off past the hueys Just after take-off
Baseops office The huge new shopping mall
The panel Me and John
Our shadow, taking off from College Station John on his way home


August 1999 - We made it back from the deep south...
Our new bootages Sunset over the 'Keys
Riding through the 'glades Simons lovely new shades
Diana and Leigh Snorkle man
Andi on the beach Me on the beach
Adrian on the beach Pedro & Patty on the beach
And the last picture of the night...


July 1999 - Rich, Andi & Simon arrive
On the beach after flying in On the way to work
Lift The canal where Joshua lives
Joshua Jungle by Joshua
Rich & Andi Me & Si
Rich & Ade Ade, Richard & Me
Grove Grove 2
In the carpark @ the Grove ../images/990729/sky1.JPG
../images/990729/sky2.JPG Cuban coffee 1
Cuban coffee 2 ../images/990729/decohotel.JPG
../images/990729/decohotel2.JPG ../images/990729/neon1.JPG
Miami Beach possee


July 1999 - Shawns Wedding
Surprised Shawn Ceremony1
Cermony2 Bridesmaids
Shawn & Michelle Maid of Honour and Best Man
Shawn & Bethany @ reception Her cake
His cake Shawn and girls
Cutting the cake The rings
Sisters Car wrecking
Car wreckers ...And now, general Houston pics...
1964 Rambler ...And Again
King ate here! Crashed aeroplane
Crashed aeroplane Menile ceiling
Muscle Mullet
Miami Beach Flower1
Flower2 Pond
Dragonfly Bee
Wasps - meanies Dragonfly - prepare for takeoff
Hollywood Marlboro Scene
Indi on the trail


June 1999 - Independance Day
Adam Ade the man
Sadness The Gang
After having gone postal @ BlockBuster Hollywood Sky 1
Hollywood Sky 2


June 1999 - Mirandas Party
The Room... Diana
Miranda & Dave Me, Leigh & Zeke
Ade & Diana Miranda
A man & his teapots. Well 'ard. Leigh & the RoboDogs
Lord Vader appears... ...but he turns out to be a good bloke
Some art Cowboy Jeem
One of the locals, and another one & again Adrian at the end of the party... :)


June 1999 - Slide Area
Beginning of the evening The ball of mirrors...
Rock god - Well, it's Adrian... :) Leigh on stage -she's a star too!
Poor broken hearted Miranda Compare this to the first photo - spot the drunken person(s)
Miranda, Adrian & his baloons Miranda and her large baloons again
The girls...


June 1999 - Back to England
Stormy sky in Miami Taking off from Miami
Miami Beach Leaving Miami
Eye of the storm ../images/9906/richmond.jpg
Rich and Andi The Farmhouse
Pint Rich Scarey Si
Beer Simon Coke
The Mon Mum and Dad @ The Farmhouse
Iss da gang... heheheh
Walking down langshott... Daaaaahhhhn The Booooooozaah
Andy & Cess Nige and Sarah
Cess and I Sarah, Nige and I
Nige with lights Sarah and Baggy!
What were the 70's like? Andi and And I
The fam Me and the cat
Rich and Mum Rich and Dad
Rich and Andi Andi, Rich and Si
Neil Morrisey Me and Andi
The look James


June 1999 - Uncle Dicks new boat
Joshua back view Joshua back view
Joshua from the front Dick & Mike on deck
The wheel The main cabin


May 1999 - Pedro's Wedding
Wedding 1 - Group shot Wedding 2 - Patty
Wedding 3 - The ceremony Wedding 4 - Me and Pedro & Patty
Wedding 5 - Pedro, Patty & Bruno Wedding 6 - Pedro, Patty, Maribel & Yuri
New pic of my place... Looking west from my place...


April 1999 -
Me with a golf bat... Marisa about to swing
Cuban dinner on Key Biscayne Sunrise and tractors


March 1999 - New place and onwards...
Collage of new place & snorkling in Key Largo Mum & Dad in Nevada City
Me and Debbie Pic in my room
Another view in my room A view of the pool at my place
My place from the back On the way to work...
Our new room at work ..and my desk


Feburary 1999 - Miami
A view from my desk... :) My new apartment is in the building with the dark blue side pillar
A view behind Just down the road from my Dads farm
Ooooooo.... Ahhhhhh....
Louisana Swamp Huuuuge storm cloud
Me and Cyn Long swampy road
My new dent Gun shop!
Pelican Harbour House - Where I live!


Feburary 1999 - Goin back to Houston, to get me some pants...
What did you just do?! It just got Brandon...
Hang in there Destinee! Cigarettes & Hats
The laid back man Drinks man
Too many... Brandons gone
Is he dead? Destinee & Jan


January 1999 - Going to Miami...
Leaving Houston Welcome to LA
A bit of swampage LA mullet&tash combo truck
All American truck Me & Truck
Hot Rod Jesus
Pelicans Sunrise
New office building I think Crocket used to live here
Balcony view Through the square window...
Papasitos - Guys (it's not gay or anything...) Papasitos - Girls
The last party... Me and Jess.


December   98 - More Nevada City & Home Again
The Tash, The Tash. The Mustang...
Is that really me?! Where's that damn Chipster!!!
Somewhere @ Mash Me and Chippster

What's Going On?!


November 98 - The Jim To Nevada City Pics
Dennis Weaver? Aaaarrrrrgghhh!
Arrrghh! Bruvs!
Mountain road Wing...
Rich's jacket Me driving, Rich manic

Snow on the hill

Questions... Rich and Mustang
Me and Mustang Mustang in the snow
Dazed and confused Drivin' Man
Snow at the side Lookin' out
Snowy Corner The Drivin' Man...


Halloween 1998
Bubba Jim 1 Bubba Jim 2


October 98 - Rich & Andi Visit Main Pics!
Texas Renaisance Festival Cecile and I
Rich & Andi @ Lupez Crowes Gig In The Rain
Party 1 Party 2
New Hair 1 New Hair 2

Out Of Truck

Rich & Andi By Truck Me & Rich In Truck
Party 3 Party 4
Show us the money! Us...


October 17th 1998 - Rich and Andi Visit!
First Picture Second Picture
Third Picture Fourth Picture
Fith Picture Last Picture


August 98 - The first Ram pics!


July 98 Set 1
Cyndi's car Vegas Bound
Vegas Happy! Cyn at Vegas Airport
Jeff Skiiing Me Skiiing
Me in Office! Me on Jeffs Boat


July 98 Set 2
3 Pics 3 Pics 2
Jeffs Boat Leland


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